We now accepting Care Credit

We are ever seeking new ways to better serve our customers and this partnership with Care Credit will provide even more possibilities for you.

Going forward, Body Brow Bar will accept Care Credit credit card as a new form of payment and with this, you will get the flexibility of a specialized health and wellness credit card company.

This is how it works:

  • Schedule your treatment appointment. This will give you the estimate of how much it wil cost.
  • Click here to apply online and select Body Brow Bar as your provider for the value of your treatment.
  • Pay in the way that better suits you.

We are excited about this new partnership because we can now offer something new to our customers and something that we know that can help.

It seems simple and it is, but if you are still a bit lost on how to apply here is some extra help:

  • Call us +19545805055 and we will guide you through.
  • Call Care Credit and they will guide you through the application process: tel:1-800-677-0718 and we will guide you through.

Disclaimer: All payments are made to Care Credit.

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